Raising Pigs for Profit

While many of the visitors here are interested in raising pigs for meat I know a lot of you are concerned about profit.

Is there any money in raising pigs today?

Well the good news is that the price of pork is going up and has been for the last 10 years:

Pork price graph

Pork prices over 10 years from indexmundi


More and more it seems Western science is catching up with itself and realizing that animal fats, including those from pork, are actually healthy for you.

It’s the artificial “trans fats” that are bad and cause all the disease and heart attacks, not good healthy pigs!

This means many people are now happy to buy pork again – which in turn means its very easy for you to raise pigs for profit again!

Pig farming is easier than it’s ever been, as today we have the tools and knowledge, our vets know what they’re doing, and agricultural machinery of all types is better than ever.

Really, pigs are clean animals if you give them a bit of space (or even free range) so the biggest obstacle is you. You may have heard the expression “Where there’s muck there’s brass”, meaning there is money in doing that which others turn their noses up to. Well pig farming, on a large or small scale, is surprisingly clean, easy and profitable!

You certainly CAN raise pigs for profit, as long as you know what you’re doing with the pigs in the first place. For that see my special book I wrote, cheap as chips here raising pigs