Raising Pigs for Food

The coming food crisis may sound like an alarming title – and that’s because you should be alarmed.

And yes, much of it will come from lack of water!

raising pigs for profit

Raising Pigs for Profit

There’s never been a better time for raising pigs or other such creatures for your own food supply and sale, because the cost of food in supermarkets is going to soar.


“Beef and bacon. We’ve already seen indications that bacon prices will skyrocket this year; the raw ingredient for bacon, lean pork bellies, is up 50% so far this year. Beef prices are the impetus for Wendy’s to raise prices — they use fresh beef and can’t hedge costs quite as easily at McDonald’s by stocking up. Even if we don’t see any other price pressures this year, the USDA predicts consumers will see 6.5% to 7.5% increase in the price of their meat.”

Let’s talk about America.

The Ogallala Aquifer is running out of water. This massive under-ground water source has been the dirty hidden secret of farming land right across America, for centuries. Today however we have to face the facts. This ‘dino water’ source is running out.

This has already affected some USA towns, leading to a re-emergence of dustbowl effects in a few places.

It’s going to get a lot worse over the next decade, with more and more areas running low on precious water. As this happens there won’t be enough water for crops or livestock, and that means only one thing:

Food Crisis

Doing such things on a big scale will no longer be possible, leaving only tiny family farms and micro-farms able to survive – and some of those will be hit too, as businessmen buy the local politicians and funnel the water into their wallets as cash.

Survival food rations and so on can be a great idea for short-term emergencies – but what do you do when those rations run out?

The fact is that while raising pigs and similar farmyard animals may seem only suitable for serious farmers right now, the time is coming when many American families will return to what was long considered perfectly usual and raise their own food.

And it’s not hard, if you’re already doing it or know what to do but most families have forgotten how to farm the land or keep animals for food.

We’ve already seen America’s Federal Reserve printing money like crazy (on computers, digital money) and so we KNOW that food prices are going to rise and rise and then rise some more, with no end in sight to such rises.

Looky, it was only back in 2008 that America’s debts towered a rather scary 9.6 trillion, with a T, dollars. Big numbers like that can give you a headache. However since then the number is a lot bigger, over $14 Trillion.

I don’t really care what they’re saying when they flap their lips on the televisions, they’re not going to stop printing money any time soon. You can be sure of that.

Now consider the very real food crisis coming because of lack of water, and the way that is going to inflate food prices even more!

You may be thinking we can just print more money and buy food from the rest of the world. Sounds reasonable I know, if you think printing money is reasonable.

Until you realize America is not the only country with a food crisis. For example let’s look far across the sea at India:


In fact you’ll see the address in clicky writing above says GLOBAL water crisis.

They’re not kidding!

Food is going to become scarce and expensive all over the world. So forget the idea of printing some dollars and buying food. Besides, that only works for rich people and we’re not them!

Instead your better options are to be growing food. Raise pigs, chickens, grow your own vegetables and so on.

You’ll be thanking me you did!

Now I know a lot about such things but this web blog is only about keeping pigs. I don’t want to distract you with the other stuff but pigs are a good way to start your food independence, so start with pigs.

I’ve written down everything you need to know, from the very beginning, about raising pigs in my book. You can download it, print it yourself and save a lot of money, both on your book and on the cost of food in the future.

Don’t ignore these issues and think they’ll go away because in matter of fact they are getting much worse.

Raising Pigs

Now one issue I’ve heard said about raising your own pigs is that they need a lot of water.

That’s true to some extent because they don’t sweat like we do, they prefer to get wet. However the good thing is they are quite happy just with some wet mud or similar, like clay. They’re not like hippos and have have to swim in it.

(No, I don’t know much about hippos but I DO know a lot about keeping pigs, both for food and profit!)

So if you’re in an area with a really serious water problem then keeping pigs might not be for you. If you do have a reasonable water supply you’re in luck though, as few animals will give the return on investment you’ll get from pigs. As a rough guide they need about the same amount of water as a member of your family.